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325MHz / 10kW Power Amplifier

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n  Operating frequency is 325MHz ± 3MHz.It could be used for continuous wave and pulse amplification.

n  Monitoring system characterized by intelligentization and networking

n  Complete protection measures guarantee safe operation of the machine

n  PA designed with temperature detection

n  Liquid cooling

Technical Specifications


n  Operating frequency: 325MHz ± 3MHz (CW, Pulse)

n  Output power ≥ 10kW

n  Operating method: continuous wave

n  RF drive signal: 7dBm (corresponding to 10kW output)

n  Spurious ≤ -80dBc

n  Harmonic ≤ -30dBc

n  Power stability ≤ ±2%

n  Phase stability ≤ ±5°

n  Input port: SMA or N type