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31MHz/50kW RF Power Amplifier

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n  Harmonic output ≤ -35 dBc

n  SNR: better than -58 dB RF units are independent modules, which prevents RF interference.

n  It is convenient for installation and maintenance.

n  Liquid cooling & air cooling 

Technical Specifications


n  Operating frequency: 31.02 ±1MHz

n  Output impedance: 50Ω

n  RF signal phase shift: ≤ ±5°

n  RF output voltage stability: ≤ 1×102PP/ day

n  Output power: ≥ 50kW (CW)  (0~50KW continuously adjustable)

n  Input signal: 0.5V/50Ω (RMS)

n  Pulse repetition frequency: 100Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz

n  Pulse edge/ width: rise time ≤ 8μs,

n  pulse width: 0.1ms2ms with five steps

n  Output port: 50Ω coaxial, 3-1/ 8 inch