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1.3GHz / 20kW RF Power Amplifier

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n  Operating frequency is 1.3GHz ±1MHz. It could be used for continuous wave and pulse amplification.

n  Output power > 20kW

n  Protective valve of the overall unit: single frequency Sine wave power adjustment

n  Liquid cooling

Technical Specifications


n  Operating frequency: 1.3GHz±1MHz

n  3dB bandwidth: > ±30 MHz

n  Output power: ≥ 20kW

n  Overall gain: ≥ 73 dB

n  RF power output waveguide type: WR650

n  Input impedance: 50Ω

n  Input port: N type (female)

n  Phase offset (1kW to maximum output): ≤ ±5°

n  RF output phase ripple (1kW to maximum output): < ±5°

n  Output power stability: ≤ 3%

n  Harmonic: ≤ -65 dBc

n  In-band spurious level: ≤ -65 dBc