Satellite tranmission system

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We can provide professional and economic system resolution of satellite uplink system and downlink system as well as satellite communication equipment according to users’ needs in a turn-key mode, including system design, system integration, installation and commissioning, operation, maintenance and training, etc.

Main Products:

1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m satellite communication vehicle station:


Support four kinds of working mode: full automatic, power driven, manual and Push-to-talk.

It is intelligent which is easy for operation and has friendly human-machine interface.

The transmission part features compact design and strong wind resistance.

The system has water-proof, dust-proof, vibration-proof function, being able to adapt to various severe operating environment.


2.4m~11m series caliber satellite communication fixed station


Perfect side lobe level and high G/T value.

The antenna foundation adopts hot dip galvanized technology with strong anti-corrosion ability.

2-port and 4-port linear polarization or circular polarization feed source selectable.

Linear and circular polarization automatic switching feed source system

 Our products are broadly used in emergency command system.