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Ethiopia Broadcast TV Training Phase II was Rounded off

Time:2011-10-11 Views:5706 Publisher:BBEF

    On the afternoon of September 20th, Wang Yan, president of Beijing Electronics Holding Company, attended the commencement of Ethiopia Broadcast TV Training Phase II. BBEF President Zhao Baoshan, Vice President Ye Jin, Yang Zheng and Poly representative Li Xiaohua, together with 14 trainees from ERTA and INSA, were present at the meeting. Members of the International Department also participated in the ceremony.
    The training lasted for one month. And the courses were designed according to the equipments, including dual-cast transmitter, FM transmitter system and relevant apparatus, which would be exported to Ethiopia. Various teaching forms, such as lectures, real machine operation and resolving doubts, were adopted during the training. Ethiopian cadets enriched their knowledge and made progress through the discussion and interaction with BBEF technicians.
    At the commencement, President Wang Yan showed appreciation to the positive learning attitude of Ethiopian trainees and hoped they would spread knowledge and technology to their colleagues. He also mentioned that the project was not only a matter of exportation, but also connected with the development of Ethiopia broadcast TV industry. President Zhao Baoshan expressed that BBEF members would do our utmost and made contributions to the Ethiopia broadcast TV industry. He also congratulated the trainees on the knowledge and experiences they had learned. One Ethiopian trainee made a short speech afterwards and conveyed the feeling of satisfaction towards the training.
     Last but not least, Certificates of Completion were awarded to Ethiopian trainees and a group photo was taken to mark the occasion.