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Knowledge contest about the company culture is held

Time:2012-05-18 Views:5954 Publisher:BBEF

    On April 27th, the knowledge contest about the company culture was held. The activity, with the topic of “To progress together with the company & celebrate the League’s 90th anniversary”, was organized by the Youth League Committee. Company leaders, including President Zhao Baoshan, Executive President Song Ligong, Vice President Yang Zheng, Zhao Yulian, Li Wei, Wang Yachen and Assistant President Ke Jun, participated in the contest together with over 200 young staffs.
   The company culture is the motive power of the enterprise’s development. In order to create thick company culture atmosphere, the League Committee held the knowledge contest at the arrival of the Youth Day.
   After being recommended by relevant departments, contestants had to pass the examination directed by the League Committee. 18 young staffs were qualified to enter the final round. The question types included the essential questions, rob to answer, risk problem and questions to be answered by the audience. The contents of the contest varied from the company culture knowledge, safety knowledge to the company planning, etc. At last, the representative team formed by members from the International Business Department, the Marketing Center and the Internet Department won the first prize.
   At the end of the contest, President Zhao gave a speech. He not only confirmed the achievement of the Youth League during the last year, but also put forward new requirements. He asked the Youth League Committee to exert the advantages of the young, and called for the young staffs to work hard and carry forward the May 4th spirit.
   Through this contest, the young league members enlarge their knowledge and understanding over the company culture. Meanwhile, the team spirit of young staffs is also strengthened.