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(A) corporate vision

Oath to do the first, striving for world-renowned.

(B) industry positioning

North Canton Technology is engaged in radio and television, communication equipment, research and development, production, system integration and engineering services, and radio frequency (RF) power providers and integrators.

(C) development strategy

Traditional products, leading edge technology as the forerunner, the consolidation of the domestic market, the radiation of the international market, build elite team to shape the world brand.

(D) The overall objective of

North Canton Technology "12th Five-Year Development Plan, the overall objectives are: to seize the opportunity for conversion of analog to digital technology, relying on radio and television advantage, based on digital technology, and strive to become the media industry equipment and systems solutions provider, and gradually explore the pattern to be cut to the communication, network, transport operators, the field of RF power products, extend the industrial chain; smooth financing channels; strengthen enterprise management and information construction; strategy of market diversification; shaping international brands; efforts to achieve a new leap.